How to Host a Unicorn Party

Unicorns are all the rage at the moment, and with their mythical nature, colourful horns and how beautiful they are, we can see why!

Here are some ideas on HOW TO HOST A UNICORN THEMED PARTY!




A Unicorn Party needs a beautiful atmosphere! You can theme your Venue to look like a Fairy Garden with some toadstool seats, cushions and fairy lights. A Magic Fantasy look can be done, too! Or even Rainbow and Clouds Decor.

Rainbow or Shimmer Balloons also work really well with this theme! 


You can really go nuts here with the streamers, table cloths, plates, cups, bowls and even make it a Costume Party! Cement your theme by making the Party Invitations stand out, as well. Create customised printable Invitations, or find them at your local Party Supplies Store.




Pin the Horn on the Unicorn – A twist on the classic ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’. Every child can have their own different coloured horn, and see who gets the closest!

An Art and Craft Corner can be a life saver! A simple selection of Colouring Pages with pencils, textas, crayons will keep young ones busy! For older kids, a ‘Make Your Own Unicorn Mask’ Craft Corner works a treat, too!




Unicorn Food is all about Rainbows and Glitter! This certainly works best for Desserts. You can have a Unicorn Cake, Unicorn Fudge, Ice Cream, Cupcakes – just about anything! Make it colourful and fun with plenty of Glitter and Sprinkles!


For those who are crafty and handy in the kitchen, this can be a SUPER fun Party for you to organise! 


Keeping it simple can work really well, too. It is completely up to you!


Remember, your Party doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive.

Simone Coleman

Party Planner / Fun Creator

“When I am not planning amazing events, you can find me horse riding, working on my next craft project, or playing with my favourite furry friend, Ace.”

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