Top 10 Forgotten Party Items

We know that planning a Party can be very stressful!

So we have come up with a list of the TOP 10 MOST FORGOTTEN ITEMS when it comes to the big day!



  • Candles


Candles are often forgotten to be brought along for the Cake! 


  • Lighter or Matches


Ensure to bring a lighter or matches to light those candles!


  • Balloons


While not essential, even simple loose balloons can help to bring an atmosphere of fun!


  • Party Bags or Party Favours


Again, while not essential, a lot of kids love to go home with a party bag! Keep it simple – it will be appreciated!


  • Sticky Tape


For those on-the-day blunders! A streamer or two might come loose, maybe your plastic tablecloth won’t stay in place!


  • Drinks


Plenty of drinks and lots of water that is easily accessible to your guests!


  • Rubbish Bag or Bin


There will be lots of rubbish! Opening presents, unwrapping lollies and even discarded plastic cups! Make sure there is somewhere for your guests to put their rubbish that is not the floor!


  • Seating


This may seem obvious, it’s amazing how many events lack the seating needed! Even a rug on the floor for the kids is helpful!


  • Snacks


Snack, snacks, snacks! Ask your guests to bring something to share, or create some yummy platters!


  • Games


Those kids have energy to burn! Be sure to have enough entertainment available for the kids (and adults) to all enjoy themselves!

Simone Coleman

Party Planner / Fun Creator

“When I am not planning amazing events, you can find me horse riding, working on my next craft project, or playing with my favourite furry friend, Ace.”

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