Games and Temporary Tattoos Package

If you love party games, you’ll love this package.

A mixture of outdoor games, dancing games and party games!

From: $260.00

Kids Party Games Entertainer

Our kids party games entertainer will host your event with tonnes of fun party games!

This package includes a mixture of high energy outdoor games, dancing games, and traditional party games. Ideal for outdoor parties or venues with large spaces to spread out and have fun.

Our Children’s Entertainers love playing party games such as:

  • Musical statues
  • Limbo
  • Pass the parcel
  • Tug-of-war
  • Number crunch
  • Dancing games
  • Rainbow parachute

Then, to finish off the party, the kids can choose their own temporary tattoo design to apply on their arm.

Your kids party entertainer brings a range of different party games and runs with what the kids are having fun with on the day. If they are having fun with running around games, or even dancing games, we will spend more time playing those. In addition, your entertainer will alter the party plan on the day to suit the children’s interests and your requirements.

Upgrade to the 1.5 Hour Package

The 1.5 Hour Package includes 30 Minutes of Balloon Twisting! This is a great time for you to serve food, while when work our way around the table making an awesome balloon creation for each child.

Party Bags

Themed Party Bags can easily be added to your package for only $7 each with FREE SHIPPING. Our Games Crazy or Pranks Party Bags are the perfect accompaniment to this package. You can browse our full selection of Party Bags here.


Recommended Age: 5 and Up
Number of Children: 20
Inclusions: 3-6 Party Games and Temporary Tattoos. Kids love games like Pass the Parcel, Tug of War, Musical and Dancing Games, Hide and Seek, Limbo and Treasure Hunt.
Duration: 1 Hour or 1.5 Hours with Balloon Twisting upgrade.
Requirements: This package works best with a large, flat area for us to play the party games. Such as a community hall or a large backyard (we will need somewhere with shade to play the less physical games too!). Access to power is also required for our speaker.


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